Sunday, February 26, 2012

4 years

It boggles my mind how four years could have gone by so quickly.

It was four years ago today that I nervously sat down at a computer to take the NCLEX (aka: nursing boards). No amount of time or studying can instill any sort of confidence that you'll do well on this test. There's really no way to prepare other than to try to absorb an impossibly massive amount of information into your brain. Patho, anatomy, pharm, lab values, peds, psych, blah, blah, blah. It makes me cringe just reminiscing... and makes me so thankful that I passed on the first time around!

Having been at my hospital going on 6 years in June (holy moly!), I'm starting to think about other things that are out there and other opportunities that I can take advantage of. I'm not ready to move on from the babies quite yet, but I'm hoping to orient to postpartum so I can broaden my knowledge and gain some new skills and also those that I've completely forgotten from nursing school. The idea of travel nursing has been floating around in my head, too. California, North Carolina, New York, Tennessee, Louisiana... I could just pick a place and go -- pretty exciting! 

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