Sunday, March 4, 2012

I'm Going to Comic-Con!

In 138 days (not like I'm counting), I'll be flying out to San Diego to attend Comic-Con for the first time. I wasn't sure it would happen, but I was lucky enough to score a ticket through a friend of a friend. I've heard the convention is pretty crazy, with waits in long lines and tons of people, but I honestly am so excited to experience it all! Last year they had some really awesome panels and I'm hoping this year will be the same.

Here's my dream TV line-up:


All of the shows have had panels at Comic-Con before, other than American Horror Story (though it seems like it should, right?)

Here's is my dream movie line-up:

Yup, that's all :)

The schedule of events and panels should be released a few weeks before the convention, so I'm sure my list will grow a lot by the time I get out to San Diego. SO EXCITED!!!

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