Friday, February 24, 2012

BTS: Breaking Dawn: Part 1

A few of my thoughts about the behind the scenes documentary of Breaking Dawn: Part 1...

Director Bill Condon (center) is standing next to a guy in a Ravens hat.
Not sure who that guy is, but he sure has good taste in sports teams!

While I was in Louisiana in 2010, they were filming the honeymoon scenes in Brazil.
Pretty sure that Rob & Kristen landed at the NOLA airport an hour after I departed.

My friends and I joke that were were in the wrong "BR" - Baton Rouge instead of Brazil. 
Still had lots of fun on that trip, though!

What a crazy day that was! I was in Seattle with friends,
with plans to drive to the coast of Washington to visit Forks and La Push.
Mother nature had other plans, however, and decided to produce an earthquake in Japan,
and threatened to send a tsunami towards the West Coast of the US.
Luckily, the projected "wave" was only 4 inches in the direction we were headed, so off we went!
Daredevils, we were. ;)

These are my favorite wolves out of the past three movies.
The wolf-talk is weird, but I love the way they look.

The "fake" Bella is super duper creepy. But also kinda cool.
I give props to Kristen for trying to beat it up, though. lol

Do I even need to write anything?

The transformation scene is, by far, my favorite scene in the movie -- and maybe in the whole franchise of movies. To see how they transformed disgusting, emaciated Bella into pretty, vampire Bella was really interesting.


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