Thursday, July 19, 2012

Comic-Con: Part 3 - Surprise!

As the light faded in San Diego the night of Wednesday, July 11th, the fans that had been camping out for a good seat at the Breaking Dawn Part 2 panel started making their way back to the campsite. None of us knew what was about to happen, but we assumed we'd be getting a visit from a few members of the cast (since that's what happened last year). Cameras in hand, we all waited... Suddenly, there was someone in the tented area that was handing out posters. New Breaking Dawn Part 2 posters. AWESOME new Breaking Dawn Part 2 posters! We all were able to grab a few for ourselves and a few for friends back home (yes, we DO think of all of you when you're not with us!) and were then handed glowing BD2 necklaces. Unfortunately, the necklace clashed with what I was wearing (ok, not really - but I just didn't want it glowing in my pictures, lol) so it ended up in my pocket for the evening. All within a matter of minutes, we started hearing screaming from the other side of the campsite. At the same time, we started seeing people walking past us in the empty tent next to ours. Who was it? We could barely tell because it was so dark... but then we realized that was going on.

We were suddenly being greeted by a huge majority of the cast who had just walked into the tent where we'd been camping. Talk about sensory overload! You're seeing some of your favorite actors in front of you, hearing the screams of the fans behind you, experiencing an obscene amount of flashes in your eyes from the dozens of cameras going off, shaking the hands of and rubbing shoulders with countless people from the movie. It was amazing :)

The first people I (literally) bumped in to were Tracey and Valorie. They had asked if this picture turned out well, and when I flipped the camera back on to take a look, there was a picture of my cats when it started back up. They thought they were really cute, then started asking me all about them and told me that they just got matching cats. They were so so sweet!

Mackenzie and Erik were next to come by. I asked Mackenzie if I could get a picture with her and she said "sure!" I asked Erik if he could take the picture of us and he obliged. He asked where I was here from and was so excited to hear I was from Baltimore, exclaiming "I'm from Virginia!" After taking a picture with Mackenzie, I asked her if she wanted to take a picture of me with Erik. The poor little girl was so overwhelmed by my camera that one of her people said they'd take it instead, lol.

Actors were whipping by me right and left and Ashley just happened to be the one I caught up with next. I tried to get a picture with her but my flash didn't go off. She was sweet and asked if I wanted to take another one, but I just asked if I could get a picture of her instead. I'm lucky enough to have pictures with most of the cast members (including her) and didn't want to take up time that could be spent with other fans who wanted pictures.

The lovely and always kind Nikki came strolling by next. Somewhere during our conversation I blurted out "This is SO fun! We should do this every day!" If only... :)

I got to chat with Liz for a minute while she was signing autographs for fans. That was another thing I decided not to ask for. Again, I have everyone's autographs and didn't want to seem greedy. I just love talking to everyone, maybe snapping a quick picture... that's enough for me :) When I mentioned to Liz that I met her in Squamish last year, she said "I thought you looked familiar. I wasn't sure if it was from Comic-Con or somewhere else." I reminded her of the conversation we had when my friend and I saw her and Peter last year at a restaurant and she definitely remembered me then!

It was great to see Jackson again. I've met him a few times before and he's always the charmer and such a gentleman. And of course I was very much in my element talking to the new dad about baby poop and changing diapers :)

Toni and Judith came by next. I was so excited to see some tall chicks! You have no idea how many times we tried to get a picture of all of us together. Maybe next time it'll actually work out lol.

At about this point I realized that a lot of the actors had somehow passed by me. How dare they? ;) So, I moved on to the end of the line and waited patiently for them to come by. Lucky for me, Kellan was first! Do I even need to say anything about this guy? Just look at him... swoon... The first picture we took was really dark since the flash wasn't up, but Kellan went ahead and flipped it up for me, smiled and said "I have this camera too." OMG.

Peter came by next, followed by many other vampires... I tried to snap pictures as fast as I could when they walked by! I know I missed a few people, but was so grateful to have the chance to see the ones I saw and to talk to those that I did :)

Another cool part of the evening? We could see the after-party from the window of our hotel room!

It was definitely one amazingly eventful day and I wouldn't be able to thank Summit and the cast enough for being so generous with their time. For those of us lucky enough to have had this experience, it is something we will never forget. So, thanks for the memories!

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